Department of Electronics & Telecommunication
Vision & Mission

Department Vision:-

  • To prepare Electronics Engineering Students globally recognized professionals for the quality and significance of their knowledge in research and public service.

Department Mission:-

  • To create an environment suitable for innovative projects.

  • To provide quality education with professional ethics.

  • To develop students with necessary entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities and positive attitude.


  • PSO 1 - Design, build, test and troubleshoot electronic circuits, equipment, systems and subsystems in accordance with job requirements, functional specifications and relevant standards. Design, analyze and troubleshoot circuits consisting of low power, high power, active and electromechanical components, and analog integrated circuits. .

  • PSO 2 - Design, modify, analyze and troubleshoot logic and digital circuits, and embedded microprocessor- based and microcontroller-based systems, including assembly and high-level language programs.


  • PEO 1:- To apply concept and knowledge of mathmatics,basic electronics engineering to various areas like signal processing ,Embedded system ,VLSI communication Engineering .

  • PEO 2:-Design and analyse Electronics Engineering problems with given specications
  • PEO 3:-Implement Electronic and Communication system using appropriate hardware and software tools, keeping in mind, its societal and environmental effect.

  • PEO 4: - Design, build, test and troubleshoot electronic circuits, equipments and systems in accordance with functional specifications and relevant standards.