Our Pride

Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering

*The future of electronics is bright. According to Moore's Law, as articulated by Intel cofounder Gordon Moore, is that "The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months." *

*Day by day every organisation is trying to be smart and Digital. Indian government is also take the initiative to make DIGITAL INDIA. Everything can't be made digital without hardware which is mostly Electronics ( require low power) . In next 10-15 year Internet of Things (IoT) will acquire the market. In recent years industry is asking for the people who have knowledge of both Hardware and software. We can't explore IoT without Electronics support. Home automation or Company automation control by Smartphones , Driver less cars, Electric Vehicles, Electricity generation by Solar, Nanotechnology, Micro-Electronics, Communication (5G, 6G and many more) are the future projects in which every country or company want to work, implement and grab the market. And for all these projects Electronics is must. *

*Secondly Electronics branch is so flexible that we are fit into software industry, Automobile industries, Networking, Start ups etc. so after graduation we have many paths and we don't have to depend on current market situation of any field. *

*Hence we always say, *