About The Trust:

Indian Institute of Rural Workers (IIRW) is a Trust formed with a commitment for nurturing internationally acceptable, excellent quality technical education and research in Engineering and Management.
Several industrial tycoons, successful entrepreneurs, educationists, engineers & social workers are among the founders and members of IIRW.
All the trustees are keen to support ICEEM in every possible way.
Any society will be proud of such capable and supportive members.
The Trust has prepared an ICEEM Charter which describes the respective roles and responsibilities of each and every stakeholder in the development and management of ICEEM.
This Charter declares the Mission, Vision and the Values which ICEEM shall follow and accomplish through various activities.
This Charter also provides ICEEM’s organizational structure and describes the duties, responsibilities and powers as well as performance appraisal and accountability of ICEEM’s various authorities, office bearers and officers.
This Charter is also called The ICEEM’s Rules of Governance or ICEEM’s Articles of Organization.
The rules made from time to time by the affiliating University, AICTE, UGC and Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra shall also be binding to the extent they are relevant and applicable.

Trustees of IIRW